Agnikana’s Group: Song-Flowers 1

Last modified April 23, 2021

Thirty songs which are ideal for those wishing to start learning Sri Chinmoy’s songs by heart. These are well-known songs which have become favourites in our meditation class because they are very simple, but also very deep and soulful. The songs can be sung many times, over and over again, as part of a meditation.

This recording was made by Agnikana’s Group, which is based in the Czech Republic, but with members from across Europe. Agnikana’s Group have toured across the world offering live performances to appreciative audiences. The aim of this particular album was for those wishing to start learning some of Sri Chinmoy’s songs.

The music scores for these songs can be found at Sri Chinmoy Songs by searching for the song title, for example.

1. Phule phule dule dule

English translation

We carry flowers of beauty and delight.
We dance and dance
On Eternity’s road.
We know not
Where we come from
And where we shall go.
O my World-Pilot,
Do save Your Boat Supreme.

2. Usha Bala elo


English translation

Slowly, very slowly,
The virgin dawn appears
In the very depths of my aspiration-heart.

3. Awake arise

Awake, arise, awake, arise!
God has for you a big surprise!


Page by Ashish Zubaty and Tejvan Pettinger

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  1. Good morning.
    I’ d like to have the sonho letters of the álbum Song Flowers 1.
    Can you send ir to me?
    Thanks you.


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