“Ananda” — Hridananda Andrés Ramón

Last modified June 16, 2009

Hridananda Andrés Ramón is an accomplished pianist, arranger and composer who studies meditation with Sri Chinmoy.

We are lucky enough to have notes from Hridananda about this wonderful musical event:

The pieces offered in this concert cover a wide range of musical and spiritual aspirations. They are either for piano solo or for piano and soprano, and are an attempt to unite various musical influences such as Brazilian dances and rhythms, Indian melodies, jazz harmonies and improvisation, and textures akin to French Impressionism. As a whole, they reflect a longing to find a common ground of unity and oneness in which to reconcile a great variety of human experiences, of cultural influences and of spiritual aspirations within a felicitous and joyful light of spiritual understanding and musical expression.

Three of the four songs for piano and soprano and one of the pieces for piano solo are based on compositions by Sri Chinmoy, whose music is a faithful reflection of the spiritual universality of the language of the human heart: Khama Karo, Tomara Charane Bandhiya Rekechi, Sundara Hate Sundara Tumi — for piano and soprano — and Nirab Amare (Response: The Hour of Light) — for piano solo.”

Here is the text for The Child and the Rose (track 2), an original piece by Hridananda Andrés Ramón:

The Child and the Rose
“Dear child! – You are so beautiful and pure,
And your diaphanous gaze irradiates such joy,
And your smile is so silent and soulful and sweet,
Reflecting the light and the love that abide in your heart!

Dear child! – You are like a rose,
Immaculate robe of red, white, or gold,
A gem with such fragrance and colour and life,
Dancing unbound in the garden of ecstasy’s light!

Offspring that brings down a message to earth,
Sing and rejoice in the bounty of our Creator’s Grace!”

—Hridananda Andrés Ramón
(Reykjavík, 10.06.’05)

We hope this music inspires our listeners to embark in higher and deeper artistic and musical journeys, to realise, reveal and manifest the Light within in the form of music.

Our gratitude to Hridananda Andrés Ramón for this soulful, inspiring and illumining offering.

Soprano: Bjorg Thorsdottir
Piano, voice, compositions and arrangements: Hridananda Andrés Ramón
Release year: 2009
Duration: 34 minutes
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Egberto Gismonti
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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