Reykjavik Sri Chinmoy Centre performances, part 1

Last modified February 18, 2021

Our Reykjavik Centre has a ‘performance morning’ about once a month as part of our regular meditations, where we perform spiritual music, poetry and plays. This year we would like to perform 90 songs by Sri Chinmoy to celebrate the 90th anniversary of his birth. These recordings contain the first 25 songs.

List of songs

Performance day Jan 10. 2021:

01. God says go
02. God says come
03. To be cheerful
04. Never say no
05. Smiling the breath of the new year
06. Turiyer Nandana Ranjana
07. Aspiration heart, dedication life
08. Ami Chimnoy Mangalamoy
09. Shanta Mane Nahi daki
10. Shesh Habena Shesh Habena
11. Eso Eso mor
12. Father, O Father
13. My Gratitude-Heart

Performance day Jan 24. 2021:

14. Ananda Parabar Mor Hiya Habe
15. Each divine thought
16. Into the world we came
17. Swapane Dekhechi Bidhata Tomar
18. Bhalobasi Tomar Nayan
19. Even if you do not forgive me
20. Do not give up hope

Performance day Feb 14. 2021:

21. Ami Ki Dekechi Ki Shunechi
22. Supreme Chant
23. Ami Bolanath Srishtir Tras
24. Ogo Paramesh
25. Gayatri Mantra

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