Inspiration Sounds 61

Last modified June 21, 2009

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This week on Inspiration Sounds we have three stories for you from three different books. Despite this they all contain the same ancient wisdom and delightful insight into the human spirit, as told by Sri Chinmoy. In the past, storytelling was not only important for entertainment but also for its teaching ability.

The Tell-Tale Plants
A short and funny story about the first day of a new doctor’s practice. The instruments are ready, the certificates are on the walls and the plants? Well you’ll just have to listen.

The Theory of Cat-Illumination
A very interesting story about a spiritual master who used to roam from place to place. In his quest for self realization he encounters many challenges and has to learn one of his biggest lesson from a cat.

Use Life Properly
The classic tale of a village miser who looses everything he ever horded. Distraught and miserable, he receives some helpful advice from a kind neighbour

Artist: Budhsamudra Knox
Release year: 2009
Duration: 21:28
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Budhsamudra Knox, Jaitra Gillespie
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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1 Comment

  1. In this life I too seem to have many “cats”. Too many of them I fear to enable me to realise The Goal. But I sincerely hope and soulfully pray God’s will shall find them good homes, just like the disciple in Guru’s parable, to enable me to progress peacefully during this lifetime.

    Thank you so much for conveying these wonderful stories so lovingly. They are truly inspirational sounds.


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