"Fathomless" by Parichayaka Hammerl

Last modified March 13, 2006

This original piece shows Parichayaka’s versatility and talent. His use of the brass section reminds me of Rachmaninoff’s symphonies.

What appeals to me is the wide variety of moods and images expressed in this production. The opening idea presents a tension, an unresolved conflict. Yet one always feels the music moving forward, carrying us to its destination. There is always that familiar optimism that we find in Parichayaka’s music; even when clouds are in the sky, we can feel the sun, waiting to come forward. Towards the middle of the piece, one feels a clearing in the forest; some hope in the horizon. Later on, again the first theme, with its dark clouds, appears. Towards the end, upon hearing a noble melody in the flute, we know we can finally see the goal…

Here is Parichayaka’s own review about his piece:

“Although this soundtrack is certainly a departure from the kind of music I would either play or even listen to, it turned out to be an interesting musical experiment for me. I am ready to agree with anyone who feels that the brooding atmosphere is too intense and even uncomfortable, but at least there is a happy ending – and just like in real life, ultimately virtue and light prevails in the battlefield of life!”

In summary, this piece is a perfect musical metaphor for the seeker’s journey from darkness to light, from a lesser to a greater perfection. Sri Chinmoy has had a profound effect on Parichayaka; I feel this is the source of his never-ending optimism and positive attitude; it wells up from his heart, and studying meditation with Sri Chinmoy has helped him bring that divine reality to the fore. His music manifests this inner journey-discovery.

Kamalakanta Nieves
February 2006

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