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This album contains seven powerful extemporaneous piano performances by Sri Chinmoy between the years 1987 and 1989. Concentration-Fort was first released as a cassette in 1990.

These recordings are some of the earliest piano improvisations that Sri Chinmoy began playing in 1987. His unique style stems from a deep meditative source. The music defies convention, and can allow a receptive listener to partake in a unique meditation beyond the mind.

His piano music enthralls me; it makes me feel cosmic landscapes evolving before my very eyes. I feel like I am traveling across the universe, and I feel swirling galaxies and planets before me. I marvel at their beauty, splendor and power, and feel God’s Heartbeat pulsing through the music. It is truly a magical experience. Sri Chinmoy’s piano music sparkles like the sun reflected in the ocean. Truly a beauty to behold!

— Kamalakanta Nieves

We have various recordings of Sri Chinmoy playing the piano in this site. They are all downloadable. We hope you enjoy this music and its expansive and powerful, yet serene, quality.

Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 1990
Duration: 45 minutes
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Category: piano
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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  1. Very Nice To hear the extremely nice pianomusic again….

    Gratitude, Stephan B.

  2. Never heard such beautiful music. Thank you.


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