Gandharva Loka Orchestra

Last modified February 17, 2012

Selected Performances from the Gandharva Loka Orchestra at “Songs of the Soul” concerts.

Dear listeners, it is with great joy and pride that we offer you a a selection of performances by the Gandharva Loka Orchestra.

The Gandharva Loka Orchestra is an international group of musicians and singers from more than 30 countries. This brilliant group is composed of students of Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007), the renowned spiritual teacher whose efforts at spreading peace, harmony and love through prayer and meditation, music, art, literature and selfless service to humanity earned him the accolades of luminaries such as Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela and Mikhail Gorbachev, among others.

In the field of music, Sri Chinmoy composed more than 20,000 devotional songs. The Gandharva Loka Orchestra performs choral and instrumental arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s songs. Since Sri Chinmoy’s passing in 2007, the Gandharva Loka Orchestra has been performing around the world, sharing through music the inner peace, light and beauty of Sri Chinmoy’s music.

The “Songs of the Soul” concerts have been offered around the world since 2007, in an effort to honor Si Chinmoy’s musical legacy, and the Gandharva Loka Orchestra has been featured in them, often to standing ovations.

We hope that you enjoy this selection of performances by the Gandharva Loka Orchestra.

– Kamalakanta Nieves




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  1. Very powerful and inwardly uplifting!


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