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Last modified February 15, 2012

In this recording, Sri Chinmoy gives a talk on philosophy. In this talk, Sri Chinmoy explores the combination of the Western mind’s clarity and the Eastern heart’s wisdom, He speaks on subjects, such as the outer and inner philosophy, and the difference between Eastern and Western philosophy.

This is an extract from this talk (unofficial transcript)

“Philosophy means wisdom-aspiration, wisdom-revelation, wisdom-manifestation.

If you approach philosophy with the mind for the fulfilment only of the mind, then it is nothing short of dryness. If you approach philosophy with the heart, for the heart and life proper, it is most useful and fruitful. Earth-bound philosophy is afraid of entering into Heaven-free philosophy because Heaven-free philosophy is unbounded. Heaven-free philosophy is afraid of entering into earth-bound philosophy because it maybe caught in earth’s quagmire.

Eastern-philosophy has tremendous fondness for the ever-transcending Beyond. Although, it does not see the Beyond, not to speak of having a free access to the Beyond. But it feels that there shall come a time when it will be able to see the Beyond, view the Beyond and be for the Beyond.

Uncertainty looms large in the Western philosophy when it has to, convincingly and completely, accept the reality-existence of the Beyond.”

Two philosophies – the outer and the inner.

The outer philosophy thinks that its source is sound, founded upon power.
The inner philosophy feels that its source is delight, founded upon silence.

The Supreme philosophy of the God-seeker and God-love is the awareness of God-Eternity, God-Infinity and God-Immortality – founded upon omnipresent God-Oneness.

Philosophy loves wisdom light. Each human being thinks he is wiser than others; his wisdom surpasses others wisdom, therefore he gives advice sought and, quite often, unsought.

We are all self-styled philosophers, but our heart’s are not vast enough to claim the entire world as our own, very own.

Socrates the philosopher of philosophers had an all-pervading oneness-heart, therefore he was able to say:

‘I am not an Athenian, I am a cosmopolitan.’

There are two kinds of philosophy – the human philosophy and the divine philosophy.

The human philosophy is nothing short of division-mind supremacy.
The divine philosophy is oneness-heart intimacy.”

– Sri Chinmoy (unofficial transcript)

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