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Last modified March 20, 2013

The group Mountain-Silence travels extensively throughout Europe, offering their interpretations of Sri Chinmoy‘s melodies to seekers at their free concerts.

This is a most admirable service that they offer, for music has the capacity to express things that words cannot, and meditation is a reality which is beyond words. It is something felt; it is a becoming.

The title of this tape inspired me to look up briefly in Sri Chinmoy’s books the word “gratitude”. Here is s small but powerful quote by Sri Chinmoy on gratitude. Hopefully this will inspire seekers with a renewed hope for self-transcendence. Oftentimes the solution to our spiritual problems is very simple. Gratitude is a good example of something so simple, yet so valuable for our self-transcendence.

“Gratitude is a most powerful weapon in your life. There is nothing undivine that you cannot get rid of by virtue of the gratitude in your life. Again, there is nothing divine in your life that you cannot increase in boundless measure on the strength of your gratitude. There is only one thing that you need in order to increase your divinity, and that thing is gratitude.”
-Sri Chinmoy

For more of Sri Chinmoy’s writings on gratitude and other similar subjects, you can visit Sri Chinmoy Library

Our gratitude to Mountain-Silence for their tireless service to seekers everywhere.

Kamalakanta Nieves
Artist: Mountain Silence
Name: Gratitude-Flower-Hearts
Composer: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 1984 (MC)
Duration: 1:05:50
Acknowledgements: Mountain Silence
Tracks uploaded: Kamalakanta Nieves
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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