A collection of Sri Chinmoy’s songs on gratitude

Last modified September 18, 2018

Sri Chinmoy was once asked what were the three most essential qualities needed to survive in the spiritual life. He replied: “Most people want to know how to run the fastest, but you want to know only how to survive. All right. There is only one quality that we all need. To name three qualities would be redundant.

Only one quality can solve all your problems — everybody’s problems — and that quality is called a gratitude-heart.”

Throughout his lifetime, Sri Chinmoy always returned to the topic of gratitude in his writings, poems and advice to his students:

The more we can develop gratitude in the depths of our heart, the sooner we shall not only feel the Presence of God inside our heart, but also grow into the very image of God.

Some people are of the opinion that every seeker at times has to go through a spiritual desert. But this is not at all necessary. There are many roads that lead to the goal. If you can soulfully offer your soul’s gratitude to the Supreme early in the morning before you meditate, then your road will be most beautiful, sunlit and short. But gratitude has to come first.

This playlist of songs, which were written by Sri Chinmoy and arranged and performed by his students, was put together by Daisy from the Sri Chinmoy Centre in São Paolo, Brazil. She writes: “Gratitude is the most sincere way I have found to express all the love contained within my soul. When I feel gratitude, the joy I feel is authentic and spontaneous. This playlist brings together some of Sri Chinmoy’s compositions that speak about genuine gratitude.”

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Sri Chinmoy’s writings are taken from the books The inner world and the outer world (1988),  Obedience: a supreme virtue (1977), Rainbow-Flowers, part 3 (1999)

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