Inspiration Sounds 7

Last modified March 22, 2006

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Hello and welcome to Inspiration Sounds. This episode is coming to you from the sandy shores of Malaysia. Many a morning has been spent under the rising rays of the sun, with the vast expanse of ocean before me and a cool drink at my side. And of course a book of Sri Chinmoy’s to gently ease me into the rest of a day full of inspiration. For this episode I am joined by two friends and colleagues as my special guests. I hope you enjoy the show.

– Budhsamudra Knox

Who Is Stronger?
This is a true story, dramatized by Shakshat Flowers from New York, about the great Indian singer and poet Surdas. Blind from infancy, he develops through his intense heart’s cry a sincere devotion to Lord Vishnu, to such an extent that he challenges Lord Vishnu to disappear from his heart forever.

The Secrets of a Worry Free Man
Devashishu Torpy from London brings us this story about a possible and simple solution to free us from our everyday problems. It involves a few pieces of paper and a cardboard box.

The Tragedy of Dasharatha
(Narrators: Devashishu Torpy, Budhsamudra Knox)

A tragic lesson is learnt by the great king Dasharatha, that affects not only himself and members of his family, but also some innocent victims. Sri Chinmoy writes, “You can be happy only when you ask God how things can be done in God’s own Way“.

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