Pulak Viscardi was one of Sri Chinmoy’s photographers for many years, and always has an entertaining and illumining story to tell about his experiences with his spiritual Teacher.

During last years Christmas Trip (our year-end meditation retreat bringing together Sri Chinmoy’s students from around the world) Pulak told a story that began when, in the early days of Sri Chinmoy’s mission in the west, he asked for photographs not to be taken during a meditation function, as he was planning to go into a very high meditation and did not want to be disturbed.

The usual photographer at that time was Sarama Minoli, who was the first person to regularly take photographs of Sri Chinmoy in meditation and other activities. Sarama’s pictures – a couple of which can be seen here – capture the many different meditative states of a spiritual Master, at a time when he was entering into many new fields of endeavour – music, art, poetry, and athletics.

Sri Chinmoy in meditation, by Sarama (note: licensed according to CC-BY-3.0)

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