Interview with Father Tom, February 1997

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This is an audio recording from 1997 featuring one of the interviews between Father Tom and Sri Chinmoy. The interview touches on topics, such as the nature of Hinduism, the soul and how to live a spiritual life. Father Tom also asks about Sri Chinmoy’s meetings with Pope John Paul II and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Monsignor Thomas Hartman was director of radio and television of the Diocese of Rockville Centre. This programme originally appeared on this cable TV program called: ‘Father Tom and Religious Leaders’ on Telicare, based in Rockville Centre, on February 27th, 1997.

Msgr. Thomas Hartman was a Roman Catholic priest from Long Island who recently passed away and was widely regarded for his humility, spirituality and kindness. He also became well known for his partnership with Rabbi Marc Gellman – The two were known affectionately as the ‘God-Squad’ and produced a long-running show on religion.

(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre At the TV studio with Monsignor Hartman in 1997.

Meetings with Father Tom were always very special. They resembled friendship and spirituality for everyone who were present with Sri Chinmoy. Here are some of the precious moments captured in photos:


Photo from The Sri Chinmoy Tennis Classic from October 27th in 1987. Father Tom won 2nd place after Rev. Dunphy-Linnartz. It was a special tennis tournament for rabbis, priests and ministers.


At Sri Chinmoy’s 60th birthday dinner in New York among many other friends. (1991, September 11th)

(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre

Talk at Jamaica High school track in August 1991.

(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre

Prayer in Annam Brahma restaurant in March 1994.

(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre

Monsignor Tomas Hartman and Rabbi Marc Gellman “The God Squad” were lifted by Sri Chinmoy in May 2001 as part of the programme ‘Lifting up the World with a Oneness-Heart‘. After being lifted, Monsignor Hartman said that the act of lifting “defies the human law of this world because he has been touched by the supernatural law of the next world. He is for us a model.”

(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre

Lifting up the World ceremony.

(c) Copyrights Sri Chinmoy Centre

Holding the torch of international peace relay Peace Run.

Sri Chinmoy composed and dedicated a song to the US television programme “God Squad”, featuring Monsignor Thomas Hartman and Rabbi Marc Gellman:

God Squad, God, God!
All love, all joy, no iron rod.
Christianity, Judaism embrace;
Oneness-heart and oneness-life and face.
Father Tom and Rabbi Gellman,
You have revealed God’s special Plan.

– Sri Chinmoy

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Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Name: Interview with Father Tom
Release year: 1997
Duration: 0:27:02
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Tomas Hartman
Tracks uploaded: Ashish Zubaty | Tejvan Pettinger
Format: Advanced Audio Coding
Photos Copyright Sri Chinmoy Centre by Pulak and Bhashwar

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  1. This interview between two genuinely spiritual souls is so refreshing and uplifting, especially at the moment. The obvious warmth between them helps but it’s the searching for practical answers to the difficulty of leading a spiritual life that shines through. In today’s world of division and intolerance to others everyone needs to hear more from people who unite us and not divide us. Thank you Father Tom and Sri Chinmoy.


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