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Last modified March 11, 2017

At a recent concert, musicians from the Sri Chinmoy Centre performed 13 short mantras, composed by Sri Chinmoy. The simple, but soulful mantras were sung towards the end of a two-hour Concert in Athens, attended by around 400 people.

The Sri Chinmoy Centre International visited Kalamata Greece for two weeks before travelling to Athens to offer this concert.

The concert featured musicians from around the world. The mantras were performed by an international group of musicians, under the leadership of Gunthita Corda (Switzerland) and Abhinabha Tangerman (The Netherlands) The group included the haunting sound of Esmeralda and Tirtha’s flute playing and the powerful cello played by Shamita.

The groups selected 13 Sanskrit mantras which had been set to music by Sri Chinmoy. These powerful mantras invoke different aspects of the Highest Reality, which can be felt in the illuminated human heart. Particularly recommended is track 6 Om Gurabe namaha

Towards the end of the concert, all the performers offered a special song dedicated to Greece and Athens by Sri Chinmoy during his visit to Greece in 1978. For this song, the audience were invited to join in.

All the prayerful mantras invoked various aspects of the highest, which resides not somewhere in the skies but deep within the illuminated human heart.

The concert began with a recording of the poem “The Bird of Light”. Afterwards, there was a short performance on flute and tablas by our guests from Switzerland, Alap and Lukas.

Listen: Performance of Alap and Lukas

Report: Magda Haidu, Athens Greece

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