The 200th Songs of the Soul concert

Last modified October 28, 2018

Started in 2008, the Songs of the Soul concert series has been honouring Sri Chinmoy’s vast musical legacy by holding concerts in over 30 countries.

In December 2017, the 200th Songs of the Soul concert was held in Budva, Montenegro, featuring some of the Sri Chinmoy Centre’s best musicians from all over Europe.

Soulful music intensifies our meditation. Soulful music expedites our soul’s journey. Soulful music helps the seeker establish his conscious and inseparable oneness with the Supreme Pilot. Therefore I give great importance to music in the spiritual life.

Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy’s students have formed many musical groups to perform his songs for the public. The groups span a great variety of styles – from the simplicty of acapella choral singing to large orchestras with dynamic instrumental arrangements. A typical Songs of the Soul concert will feature a variety of different groups and performers in one concert.



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