Meditation Mantras by Mangala’s Group

Last modified June 5, 2020

In this recording, Mangala’s group perform 20 short mantric songs of Sri Chinmoy. The songs are chosen for their ease of learning and suitability for people to use as an exercise in meditation. See the words of each mantra below. The songs are a mixture of English and Bengali (Sri Chinmoy’s native language).

Sri Chinmoy composed over 22,000 songs during his lifetime, they all stem from a soulful and meditative consciousness making these songs ideal for a meditative experience.

Mangala’s Group is a female vocal & instrumental ensemble from Ireland, Austria, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, UK, Portugal, New Zealand, Guatemala & South Africa, performing  Sri Chinmoy’s songs in Bengali and English with the accompaniment of harmonium & glockenspiel.

Recording: 2019.

Mangala’s group – Meditation Mantras – sing-along words

1. Beauty Infinity
O Beauty-Infinity, O Beauty-Infinity, O Beauty-Infinity,
Herite tomai khule dao mor premantara dithi

(Translation: Do open my love-flooded heart to see You).

2. O Make My Mind
O, make my mind tranquil and calm.
Charidike neharite prashanti dham

3. Your heart
Your heart is as beautiful as the rainbow

4. Be Be My Heart Be
Be, be, be, be, my heart, be
A world-invitation-tree.

5. Divinity
Divinity, divinity, divinity,
With you I want to be.

6. Walk with me my Body
Walk with me, my body.
March with me, my vital.
Run with me, my mind.
Sprint with me, my heart.
Fly with me, my soul.

7. My Heart Flute
My heart flute plays only angel notes

8. My Friend is my Ever New
My friend is my ever-new

9. If there is Peace Beauty
If there is peace-beauty,
Then there is happiness-fragrance.

10. I see no foe
I see no foe, no foe.
No matter where I go,
I see a oneness-glow,
An endless newness-flow.

11. In the Heart of the Finite
In the heart of the finite,
To sing the songs of the Infinite,
We come.

12. My Own Gratitude Heart
My own gratitude-heart
Is all that matters.

13. I want to see every day
I want to see everyday a gratitude-sun in my heart

14. Chalre Rabi Bhai
Chalre rabi bhai
Chalre shashi bon
Chalre sabai hriday bane
Nitya anukkhan

Come, Sun, my brother dear,
Come, Moon, my sister sweet,
Let us all go into the garden-light
Of our oneness-heart.
Let us all live for all
Eternity there.

15. Chup Chup
Chup chup chup chup chup
Oi dekho aratir dhup

Silence, silence, silence, silence, silence!
Behold the self-offering of the sanctified incense.

16. Debata Mandire
Debatar mandire ami nachi

I dance in all my being,
Inside the blessingfully hallowed temple
Of the cosmic gods.

17. Pit Pit Mit Mit
Pit pit mit mit sanjher tara sanjher tara
Atmahara heri tomar sudha dhara
Twinkling, twinkling evening star, evening star!
Watching the flow of your nectar-delight,
Myself I completely lose.

18. Eso Eso Mor
Eso eso mor jiban majhare dayamoy kripamoy
Tomare tushite esechi dharai ei mama parichoy

O come, my Lord, into my life
To please You, to satisfy You,
My heart-existence-life —Only to please You.

19. Swapane Aso
Swapane aso swapane haso swapane balo katha
Swapane luti swapane phuti swapane madhurata

20. Usha Bala Elo
Usha bala elo
Dhire aji dhire
Hridaya gabhire

Slowly, very slowly,
The virgin dawn appears
In the very depths of my aspiration-heart.


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