Ananda is a group of musicians based in the UK and Ireland. They have performed the music of Sri Chinmoy in many different locations including:

  • Lincoln Cathedral
  • Rydal Water, Lake District, (photos at Sri Chinmoy Centre)
  • Jacqueline du Pre Music Room, St Hilda’s College Oxford
  • London School of English
  • Kunstlerhaus, Vienna
  • Glasgow Mela
  • Hidden Gardens, Glasgow (link)

Members of Ananda include:

  • Suswara Payne, harmonium, vocals
  • Devashishu Torpy, vocals
  • Sahadeva Torpy, keyboard, vocals
  • Dave Hall, guitar, flute, vocals
  • Bahumanya Guy, bhodran, vocals
  • Garga Chamberlain, vocals, bouzouki
  • Karteek Clarke, vocals, violin

Further links

Music performed by Ananda