Meditation Music by Sri Chinmoy’s students 2011-2012

Last modified May 18, 2012

This compilation offers a selection of meditative music from recordings of Sri Chinmoy’s students over the past 12 months. These 17 tracks give an idea of how these groups have offered different interpretations of Sri Chinmoy soulful music. We hope you enjoy this selection of recordings and find new music to enjoy!

Song Group Album
1. Usha Bala Elo Ananda Ananda IV
2. Kato Asha Niye Agnikana’s Group Dream, Always Dream
3. Hiyar Pure Raje Amar Temple Song Hearts 13
4. Kato Deb Debi Blue Flower Petals of my Dreaming Heart
5. Ebar Ami Ishwara Seven Chants
6. You Do Not Have To Prove Agnikana’s Group Dream, Always Dream
7. A Soulful Thought Monk Party Peace
8. Animeshe Hiya Pure Blue Flower Petals of my Dreaming Heart
9. Se Amare Dake Ashru Dhara From a Higher World
10. Sri Charane Mountain Silence Bahudin pare
11. Bhitar Jibane Temple Song Hearts 13
12. Sudhu Swapaner Gandharva Lord of the Universe
13. Sumadhur sure Rageshri & Kushali I Came to Stay Forever
14. Janani Mor The Blue-Gold Shore Bhagabate Namaha
15. Eshana Khudha Antara-Prabhat Tomar Adesh
16. O kaniya jiban tari Rageshri & Kushali I Came to Stay Forever
17. Bahu Dur Hate Arthada & Friends Mantric Songs



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