Ananda IV

Last modified July 21, 2023

The latest album from Ananda, includes nine tracks of uplifting, meditative music. The recordings range from the soulful and meditative Usha bala elo to the more dynamic Akashe amar.

Ananda are a group of male singers and musicians based in various locations around Great Britain. We arrange the beautiful and haunting melodies of Sri Chinmoy for guitar, harmonium, mandolin, tablas, violin, keyboard, percussion and voice. All the songs have a meditative quality and we try to express this quality whilst performing.

The first song Usha bala elo  has the translation:

 Slowly, very slowly,
The virgin dawn appears
In the very depths of my aspiration-heart.

The translation of Akashe amar is

 My infinite consciousness-light
Pervades the sky and ether.
Today I shall strike and destroy in a twinkling
The world’s intense sufferings.

Cover Illustration: Vilas Silverton
Music composed by Sri Chinmoy
Arrangements by Ananda

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