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Last modified June 13, 2015

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A collection of short mantric songs, performed by the British music group Ananda. These song-mantras can be of great use as a meditation exercise.

Sri Chinmoy teaches that music can be a great aid to meditation. When we sing meditative songs, we can easily enter into the spiritual heart and find a greater source of peace and tranquility. Music has the capacity to take us away from the restless mind and awaken our inner aspiration. It is this inner aspiration that is the key to successful meditation.

“In the spiritual world, next to meditation is music, the breath of music. Meditation is silence, energising and fulfilling. Silence is the eloquent expression of the inexpressible.”

– Sri Chinmoy [Source]

The mantras on this CD were specially chosen for use in meditation classes. They are quite simple, and can easily be sung from the heart without looking at music.  To get the most from these meditation mantras. you can try sing along to the words and try to feel that you are singing from the heart. When we sing spiritual music, the most important thing is not our technical capacity, but the soulfulness and concentration we can put into the music.


List of mantras in this recording

The first four mantras are ancient Sanskrit mantras invoking different Indian deities (which can be seen as different aspects of God), set to music by Sri Chinmoy.

1. Aum Govindaya Nama
Mantra for protection – invoking Govinda

2. Aum Rudraya Nama
Mantra for transformation – invoking Rudra

3. Aum Aparajitaya Nama
Aum, I bow to the one who never accepts defeat.

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4. Aum Amritaya Nama
Mantra for delight – amrita is the Sanskrit for nectar, or inner bliss

5. Aum Shanti Supreme Beloved
Mantra for peace – Shanti is the Sanskrit for peace

6. Gayatri Mantra
One of the oldest Indian mantras, set to music by Sri Chinmoy

Aum bhur bhuvah svah tat savitur varenyam
Bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah pracodayat
We meditate on the transcendental glory of the Deity Supreme
Who is inside the heart of the earth, inside the life of the sky
And inside the soul of the heaven.
May He stimulate and illumine our minds.

7. Not My Will But Thine Be Done
Words from the New Testament, music by Sri Chinmoy

8. Buddham Saranam Gacchami.
The ‘Three Jewels’ of Buddhism, set to music by Sri Chinmoy

Buddham Saranam Gacchami
Dhammam Saranam Gacchami.
Sangham Saranam Gacchami.

I take refuge in the Buddha,
I take refuge in the Dharma (the inner code of life),
I take refuge in the Sangham (my spiritual community).

9. Jiban Debata
Jiban debata daki animesh
Khama karo aji more
Ogo sumahan jagater tran
Jagi jena shubha bhore.

O my life’s Lord Supreme, Sleeplessly I invoke You, To forgive me today.
O great One, O world’s reality-salvation,
May I be fully awakened, In purity’s auspicious dawn.

10. Dak Eseche / Call Has Come
Dak eseche dak eseche bishwa prabhur dak.
Call has come, call has come, Lord Supreme’s call.

11. My Own Gratitude Heart Is all that matters.

12. My Lord Beloved Supreme
My Lord Beloved Supreme, with every breath of my heart
I enter into Your Heart to love You only in Your own Way.
My Lord Beloved Supreme, with every breath of my heart
I sit at Your Feet to need You only in Your own Way.
My Lord Beloved Supreme, with every breath of my heart
I look at Your Eye to fulfil You only in Your own Way.

13. He Murali Dhar Tumi Chiro Manohar

14. Habo Ami Atmabhola Param Shiber Mato

15. Like The Supreme Lord Shiva I shall remain in the self-forgetfulness trance.

16. O Make My Mind Tranquil And Calm
Charidike neharite prashanti dham



  • Words and music by Sri Chinmoy except where indicated otherwise above
  • Meditation Mantras Download mantras and song sheets at Ananda Music
  • Recording and arrangements by Ananda: Devashishu and Sahadeva Torpy, Dave Hall, Bahumanya Guy, Suswara Payne and Garga Chamberlain.
  • Tracks Uploaded Ashish Zubaty / Tejvan Pettinger

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