“My Cycling Experiences”

Last modified May 21, 2008

Dear friends, it is with great joy that we present this 5-part series of stories from Sri Chinmoy‘s childhood.

Sri Chinmoy came from a very spiritual family. He was the youngest child, and was showered with affection and compassion. Sweetness-afffection, sweetness-compassion and sweetness-love flooded his life within and without. Sri Chinmoy published a book of stories from his childhood, titled “My Cycling Experiences”. Pujari Schaeffer, who has studied meditation with Sri Chinmoy for many years, narrates these stories for us.

As a child, Sri Chinmoy liked to spend time with his father in the city. His father owned a small bank. In the second story, we hear about a child’s curiosity. With charm and innocence, Sri Chinmoy’s stories entertain our minds and illumine our hearts. In the third episode, Sri Chinmoy again transports us to his childhood, full of sweetness, love and compassion. In episode 4, Pujari brings us a story about an accident that Sri Chinmoy had when he was riding with the bank messenger. In episode 5, Sri Chinmoy tells various stories about his cycling adventures and his father’s confidence in him.

Indeed, these stories are full of innocent mischief, affection and compassion. In later years, Sri Chinmoy would declare that the cornerstone of his spiritual achievements was the love, compassion and affection that he received from his family. Such was the closeness and sweetness which flowed, unimpeded, through Sri Chinmoy’s childhood. The devotion, fondness and oneness with which his family blessed him sparked a life of self-giving and concern for the welfare of humanity.

We are grateful to Pujari for this soulful offering.

Artist: Pujari Schaeffer
Release year: 2008
Duration: 3:36, 1:39, 1:50, 3:07, 3:56
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Pujari Schaeffer
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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