Nectar-Delight for the Soul (Organ)

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In 1987 Sri Chinmoy performed on more than 20 organs at various churches and universities around the world, including New York, Minneapolis, Toronto, Tokyo, Kyoto, Milan, Paris, Zurich, London, Auckland and Sydney. This recording brings two performances from his trip to Japan: St. Mary’s Cathedral in Tokyo (September 23) and St.

Mary’s Cathedral in Osaka (September 28)

During his eight-day Japanese peace tour in 1987, Sri Chinmoy offered a series of musical and meditative events. The whirlwind visit began Sept. 23 in Tokyo, where he gave two peace concerts. Firstly, a peace concert on Sept 24 was held in Kamakura, at the foot of the great Buddha; Sri Chinmoy’s performance was the first time that Japanese authorities permitted a musical performance to be held at this sacred spot. The Roshi, or head priest, of the Temple of the Great Buddha at Kamakura attended the concert.

On Sept. 25 Sri Chinmoy gave a special meditation at the Nagasaki’s Peace Memorial Park, followed by a peace concert later that day. The following day the Sri Chinmoy held a meditation at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima and also gave a peace concert in the city. The Japanese trip ended in Kyoto, with a peace concert on Sept. 27. The following evening, Japanese industrialist Akishige Matsumoto, head of the Japan Republic Association, hosted a special farewell banquet for the Master and his students.


21 – 29 September 1987 – Sri Chinmoy’s visit to Japan

Sept 21: Depart New York, 11.00 am.
Sept 22: Arrive Tokyo 1,45 pm.

Sept 23: Pipe organ concert at St. Mary’s
1-3 pm: 1st concert
6-8 pm: 2nd concert

Sept 24: Leave Tokyo for Kamakura
10 am: Concert at the Great Buddha Leave Kamakura for Nagasaki with overnight stop in Hiroshima

Sept 25: Leave Hiroshima for Nagasaki
4.30 pm: Prayer and meditation at the Peace Monument in the Nagasaki Peace Memorial Park; balloon release
6.00 pm: Nagasaki Peace Concert

Sept 26: Leave Nagasaki for Hiroshima
4.30 pm: Meditation and balloon release at Peace Memorial Park
6.00 pm: Hiroshima Peace Concert

Sept 27: arrive Hiroshima for Kyoto
7.00 pm: Kyoto Peace Concert

Sept28: Afternoon  Visit Sujata’s restaurant
Evening: Sri Chinmoy’s pipe organ performance at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Kyoto Kyokai Dinner in traditional “Kappo” style Japanese restaurant – special invitation by Mr Akishige Matsumoto.

Sept 29: 9.40am : Depart .
11.35 am: same day: Arrive NY

Japan hirosima


Reporter: What were you meditating on when you stood in front of the Peace Memorial?
Sri Chinmoy: I was meditating on peace and offering my prayers to God for those people who were killed during World War II. Hiroshima is now a place full of purity and inner beauty.

Reporter: From now on, what kind of activities will you do for peace?
Sri Chinmoy: If you want peace, you must pray and meditate every day. Hiroshima is the city where unimaginable destruction took place. The old was destroyed, and now the new has been build. This experience of building the new should continue forever here in Hiroshima.

(From interview with Hiroshima Chugoku Shimbun, Hiroshima, 26 September 1987)

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Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Name: Nectar-Delight for the Soul
Release year: 1987
Duration: 0:21:39
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Tracks uploaded: Ashish | Tejvan
Format: MP3
Info: Anahata Nada, Europe Inspiration






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