New York Sri Chinmoy Students Choir Sings “I Have a Dream”

Last modified January 16, 2023

Recently Sri Chinmoy’s students sang a special performance of Martin Luther King’s words set to music by Sri Chinmoy. This includes the inspirational words extracted from Dr. Martin Luther King’s historic 1963 speech. On the eve of Martin Luther King’s January 15, 2023 birthday, a celebratory program at Aspiration-Ground in New York featured this performance of the song which includes a striking new piano arrangement.

This song was first premiered at a program held at the United Nations in 1977, with Mrs. Coretta Scott King as a guest of honour and keynote speaker.

Martin Luther King was not just a beacon of light for America. He was and is a world figure who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for his efforts to bring about positive change, through non-violent means. In a time of worldwide division, “I Have a Dream” is a song of hope, unity and promise.

1977 Ceremony for Martin Luther King Jr.

On 29th November 1977, Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditations at the United Nations sponsored a programme to honour the memory and life of Martin Luther King Jr. at the United Nations. Mrs King was the guest of honour and joined a host of diplomats in a soulful ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of her husband’s assassination.

Sri Chinmoy opened the programme with a short meditation. The Meditation Group also sang three songs about Martin Luther King that Sri Chinmoy had composed. Mrs Correta Scott King gave the keynote address to the assembled dignitaries saying amongst other things.

“God give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can change and the wisdom to know the difference.things I can change and the wisdom to know the difference.”

“I want to first express my deep gratitude to the Meditation Group at the U.N. and to all of you in the United Nations and from the City of New York, who have gathered here in this special tribute to the life and contributions of Martin Luther King, Jr.”

At the event, Sri Chinmoy also spoke about Martin Luther King saying:

“Martin Luther King, beloved king of the heart-world, unhorizoned vision of the mind-world, hero-warrior of the vital-world, life sacrificer of the body-world, to you my aspiration dedication-life bows.

The Saviour-Son gave humanity the lesson of compassion and forgiveness. India’s Mahatma Gandhi, with his message of non-violence, proved to be an excellent student. In America, the Absolute Supreme chose you to be His unparalleled student, to love divinely the soul of His creation and to serve unreservedly the body of His creation.

We, the members of the Meditation Group at the UN, bow to you lovingly, devotedly and soulfully.”

– Sri Chinmoy, [Excerpt from: “Martin Luther King: Humanity’s Aspiration-Hero”. Printed in a bulletin of the United Nations Meditation Group, 29 November 1977]

Sri Chinmoy said of Mrs. King “In you I see the living presence of our beloved brother.”

Gandhi Award – 1994


On October 28th, 1994 both Sri Chinmoy and Mrs Coretta Scott King were awarded the Gandhi Award by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, USA. Both were praised for their contribution to peace in our world.

“I have a dream. Today, with this faith, we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.
Artist: Sri Chinmoy Students Choir
Name: I Have a Dream
Release Year: 2023
Duration: 3:57.
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Tracks uploaded and published: Kamalakanta Nieves and Tejvan Pettinger
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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