Nineteen Thirty-One

Last modified August 6, 2006

In April 2006, Sri Chinmoy honoured a large audience as part of his “Lifting Up The World With A Oneness-Heart” program. The guests were all born in the same year as Sri Chinmoy: 1931.

As part of the celebration, Sri Chinmoy composed a song, which was performed by the Sri Chinmoy International Choir, followed by an arrangement for the choir by Prachar Stegemann.

“Nineteen Thirty-One, Nineteen Thirty-One!
My Heaven-days were done.
Nineteen Thirty-One, Nineteen Thirty-One!
My earth-life I came to embrace.
Nineteen Thirty-One, Nineteen Thirty-One!
My breath became God’s Fountain-Grace.
Nineteen Thirty-One, Nineteen Thirty-One!
God’s Victory-Garland I won,
I won, indeed, I won, I won!
Nineteen Thirty-One, Nineteen Thirty-One!”

– Sri Chinmoy, (1931 at Sri Chinmoy Songs)


Artist: Sri Chinmoy Centre singers
Name: ‘Nineteen Thirty-One’
Year of publication: 2006
Duration: 11:34
Publisher: NY Sri Chinmoy Centre
Tracks uploaded and published: Kamalakanta Nieves
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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