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Last modified August 6, 2006

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This week we feature three stories on the Lord Buddha. He was born Prince Siddhartha into the royal family of the Sakhyas 560 BC. The astrologers predicted that on attaining manhood he would either become a universal monarch, or abandoning house and home would become a monk and eventually a Buddha, a perfectly enlightened soul. The stories in this episode have been told for centuries from one person to the next as people have sought inspiration and guidance from the life of Lord Buddha.

Who Is The Real Mother?
This is a true story that took place in India thousands of years ago. A mother’s child is taken by another woman for her own, and in the confusion the villagers seek the help of the wisest man in the village, who happens to be a very, very old doctor.

The Buddha’s Message
On ascending the throne to his father’s kingdom, King Ashoka out of intense jealousy decided to remove most of his family for good. Then one day on the palace balconies a remorseful Ashoka heard a voice chanting, ”Buddham saranam gacchami.”

The Buddha’s Silence Wins
An elderly man one day started abusing the Lord Buddha. On and on he went with his venomous tongue, most ruthlessly. The Buddha remained totally silent until the man was about to leave.


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