One Thousand Lotus Petals, Part 1 (CD 1 ) a collection of 100 songs sung by Sri Chinmoy.

Dear friends,

It is with great joy and pride that we publish today a collection of 100 songs, composed and sung by Sri Chinmoy. These songs were performed and recorded on October, 1999 in New York.

This collection of 100 songs was intended to be the first in a series that would total 1,000 songs. This series is titled “One Thousand Lotus Petals”. This Part 1 contains two CDs of 50 songs each. Before his passing on October, 2007, Sri Chinmoy would complete 130 more songs, for a grand total of 230.

Some of the songs in this collection are among Sri Chinmoy’s favorites. These are some of his most well-known songs. Sri Chinmoy’s students perform these and many others of his compositions in concerts around the world.

The great majority of Sri Chinmoy’s songs are of a devotional nature. The truth-seeker and God-lover expresses his state of consciousness in poetry set to music. In his songs, which number close to 20,000, Sri Chinmoy expresses the myriad states of consciousness and spiritual moods that an aspirant experiences on his/her way to the Goal of God- Realisation.

Sri Chinmoy’s voice, contrary to what most people experience, got better with age. His voice became sweeter, his command of expression wider. At the time of this recording, Sri Chinmoy was 68 years old.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful collection of spiritual jewels, offered to us in the form of music.

One Thousand Lotus Petals Part 1, CD2

Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 1999
Duration: 2:20:33
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding