“Peace-Light-Delight” by Sri Chinmoy

Last modified February 11, 2018

In this album, first released as an LP in 1977, Sri Chinmoy offers us moments of deep devotion through music, singing while accompanying himself on a tote-a-tune, a battery-powered electronic keyboard popular at the time.

Many of these songs are taken from early songbooks, such as The Garden of Love Light, and Journey’s Goal

The setting could not be simpler, but the depth of the feeling that inspires this music is readily apparent. Sri Chinmoy’s musical production is as prolific as it is sincere; these songs are his prayers to the Supreme.

As a poet, Sri Chinmoy had the unique capacity to identify himself with humanity’s joys and sorrows, with its inner cry and outer smile. This we clearly perceive by the varied feelings expressed in Sri Chinmoy’s translations of these unique songs.

There is an unmistakable peacefulness and a prayerfulness about these songs.

– Kamalakanta Nieves

Here are the translations for most of the songs in this album:

01) Bhagaban…Dekho Mor Bedanai

Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme.
Behold my life inundated with ceaseless pangs.
Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme.
Where is Your Compassion infinite?
Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme.
Will I ever discover Nectar-Delight
In the inmost recesses of my heart?
Will I?

02) Asha Mor Halo Ghor Nirasha

My hope has become hopeless frustration today.
Yet I enjoy pure thirst for the unknown Beyond.
O my hope, it seems that you have become
helplessly poor, weak, an orphan.
This life of mine has nothing but tenebrous fog.

03) Amito Tomare

I do not need You.
Yet why do You need me?
You know well that I shall not surrender
my earth-existence to You.
Yet, why do You love me?
I know Your Compassion-Eye.
You forgive my little ‘i’.
Alas, why do I always remain in the heart
of blind darkness-night?

04) Nami Juga Avatar

I bow to You, O Avatar of the era,
O emblem of infinite Compassion-Height.
Constantly I sing your Victory-Song.
This mad world is running toward destruction.
Around me is the poison of jealousy, cruelty and injustice.
I bow to You, O Avatar of the era,
Your Consciousness-body,
Which is the receptacle of boundless Light,
Filled with heavenly Light and Power.
O Avatar of the era,
My world invokes You alone.

05) Kata Gan Ami

How many songs have I sung?
How many more have I still to sing here on earth?
Within and without I have been
Searching for myself through my songs.
With deep pangs my heart cries;
My self-form is not visible yet.
In the vast life-ocean,
I am floating all alone.

06) Nil Pakhi Bale

The blue bird says, come, come.
Time is passing by.
I salute him who has tasted
The wine of pleasure.
Rest assured that in him, around him
Is nothing but the darkness of pleasure-night.

07) Hiya Pakhi

O bird of my heart,
Fly on, fly on.
Look not behind.
Whatever the world gives
Is meaningless, useless
And utterly false.

08) Ekbar Shudhu Balo

Tell me only once that
You are mine and I am Yours.
Your Smile of Love-Nectar
Is the companion of my life
And the light of my death.
In Heaven and on earth, tell me only once
That my heart is Your Beloved Supreme.

09) Ar Katokal Kandbo Mago
How long more shall I cry, Mother?
How long shall I cry in a dark room alone,
loving You?
You know my secret thoughts;
You know my heart’s eagerness.
Why does dark death torture me every day?
How long will You delay, Mother?
How long will You delay?
As Jesus had Mary,
So are You my World-Mother.

10) Ore Mor Kheya
O my boat, O my Boatman,
O message of Transcendental Delight,
Carry me, my heart is thirsty and hungry,
And it is fast asleep at the same time.
Carry my heart to the other shore.
The dance of death I see all around.
The thunder of destruction indomitable I hear.
O my Inner Pilot, You are mine.
You are the Ocean of Compassion infinite,
In You I lose myself,
My all in You I lose.

We hope you enjoy these songs; they can really enhance our meditation and offer us a glimpse into the Infinite, the realm of the spiritual heart.

Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 1977
Duration: 50:27
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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