In this live performance from November 2006, Ranjit and Unmesh Swanson delight us with two traditional Bengali devotional songs. The second song is by the great Indian saint, Mirabai. The main line of this song is: “Oh Lord, keep me as your servant…” Mirabai was a great devotee and composed many bhajans (devotional songs)

Ranjit and Unmesh’s performance is full of devotional feeling.

“Mirabai was a devotee of the high, higher, highest order. Among the saints of India, she is absolutely unparalleled. She composed many, many bhajans, which are prayerful songs to God. Each song Mirabai wrote expressed her inspiration, aspiration and sleepless self-giving.”

– Sri Chinmoy


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Artist: Ranjit and Unmesh Swanson
Release year: 2006
Duration: 9:33
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Tracks uploaded and notes: Kamalakanta Nieves
Format: Advanced Audio Coding