Savyasachi has been a student of Sri Chinmoy since the late 1960s (next year will be his 50th anniversary on Sri Chinmoy’s path) and has spent a considerable amount of time with the Master over the years.  In recent years, Savyasachi has become one of the main organisers of our annual Christmas Trip, a meditation retreat where members of our global community meet together at different places around the world.

Track 1: Savyasachi talks about how he came to be interested in spirituality and came to meet Sri Chinmoy, and how his initial meeting was different than he expected.

Track 2: An important part of Sri Chinmoy’s path is selfless service; expanding your sense of self by learning to give without expectation. Savyasachi talks about how he became acquainted with this part of Sri Chinmoy’s path.

Track 3: For many years, one of Savyasachi’s duties was driving Sri Chinmoy to various places; he talks about what that was like.


Savyasachi at Diamond Head, Hawai’i

Track 4: Question: Did you ask Sri Chinmoy many questions about your own spiritual life?

Track 5: Another of Savyasachi’s duties was conveying messages from Sri Chinmoy to his students, and also bringing Sri Chinmoy questions that his students might have; he talks about how that task gave him a new insight into Sri Chinmoy’s concern for his students, and also how multi-faceted human situations can be!