Two-minute talks about Sri Chinmoy’s spiritual path

Last modified June 7, 2018

The end of each year finds many of Sri Chinmoy’s students from around the world gathered together for meditation and other spiritual activities, a retreat we refer to as the Christmas Trip.

At one evening during this years Trip, 25 of Sri Chinmoy’s students were invited to give 2 minute talks on different aspects of our guru’s spiritual path. Here we present 10 of those talks – on singing, running and meditating on Sri Chinmoy’s transcendental photograph.

The talks

1. Singing

Kailash Beyer

Sri Chinmoy composed over 22,000 mantric songs, and for many of Sri Chinmoy’s students, singing them is a very easy way to get into a deep inner state of peace, devotion and good will towards the world.

Kailash Beyer from Zurich talks about how he came to realise that soulful singing could be just as good as meditation; Varunavi from Geneva tells us how she describes Sri Chinmoy’s songs to people who are interested, and Tirtha Völckner – one of the most knowledgeable singers of Sri Chinmoy’s songs among his students – tells a charming story about how her mother gradually gained confidence to sing in public.

2. Sri Chinmoy’s transcendental picture

Aruna Pohland

Sri Chinmoy recommended his students to meditate on a special picture called the Transcendental Photograph. Because of our inner connection with our teacher, we find it much easier to have a high meditative experience by connecting with the high consciousness in this picture than we might otherwise.

Satyaki Perlick from Vienna describes an interesting experience he had with the Transcendental when travelling in India; Aruna Pohland recalls a sweet childhood experience she had with Sri Chinmoy when purchasing a transcendental picture and Rupantar LaRusso describes an experience when he had the job of developing Transcendental photographs and was in a state of no thoughts for 24 hours.

3. Running

Sri Chinmoy is quite unique among spiritual Masters for the attention that he paid to physical fitness, and the opportunities he created for making inner progress through self-transcendence.

Karnayati Morrison

Shamita Achenbach-König from Vienna speaks eleoquently about how running is like meditation for her, and how it allows her to get in touch with her inner divinity and her spiritual teacher’s consciousness; Pradhan Balter from Chicago talks about how in his sixties, he takes inspiration from Sri Chinmoy’s own determination to keep running every day; Natabara Rolloson from New York describes a profound experience of Sri Chinmoy’s concern when he fell ill while running a marathon, and Karnayati Morrison from Kingston in Canada describes how she came to running in middle age, and how she gets tremendous inner satisfaction and progress from doing ultra distance races even while not necessarily being the fastest runner.

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