Sri Chinmoy’s walking and running stories

Last modified June 5, 2020

The life of a spiritual Master – especially one such as Sri Chinmoy who felt that spiritual life was not an escape from the world – is a striking juxtaposition of the highest spiritual consciousness and loftiest inner attainments on one hand, and on the other hand the multifarious merry-go-round experiences of everyday life.

Nowhere was this paradox more apparent than in the experiences Sri Chinmoy used to have when out running and walking in New York, experiences which he then later on would relate to his disciples.

Many of Sri Chinmoy’s running stories were published in the 21 volume – Run and Become, Become and Run series, similarly 2 volumes of Sri Chinmoy’s walking stories were published with the title Walking-Challenging-Becoming.

The stories in these recordings are read out by Purnakama Rajna, Devashishu Torpy and Lukas, from these series of books.

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