“The Beauty’s Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart” CD by Antara-Prabhat

Last modified October 1, 2011

Dear listeners, it is our joy to present “The Beauty’s Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart”, a CD by Antara- Prabhat.

Antara-Prabhat’s arrangements are of a very high artistic order; they are full of sincere, aspiring feeling and longing for the Highest. His arrangements emanate a strong emotion, the human rising towards the Divine. At the same time, he imbues his music with an undying enthusiasm. It is indeed a breath of fresh air in the realm of arrangements by students of Sri Chinmoy.

Here are a few words of introduction by Antara-Prabhat:

September 3rd, 2006. I first met Sri Chinmoy when I was 4 years old, and he has forever been the guide of my life – teaching me to live for something more than myself, and to strive to accomplish something good each day. This album is my testimony to him – and the spiritual life. I hope you enjoy these meditative melodies.

Antara-Prabhat: All words and music composed by Sri Chinmoy
Arranged and performed by Antara-Prabhat, except the final track, “Gratitude”, which was performed with a group.

CD Design and artwork by Antara-Prabhat.
Front cover handwriting and birds by Sri Chinmoy.”


Kamalakanta Nieves


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  1. Hi, Zulma, these tracks are downloadable….best of luck!


  2. Great CD, it is a lot of inspiration in it, when can we get it. I would like mi gran kids to listen to it.


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