The Dance of Life

Last modified July 27, 2017

This is a recording of Sri Chinmoy reciting 28 poems from his collection of poetry, entitled ‘The Dance of Life.’ Composed in 1973, the poetry series includes 1,000 poems expressing different aspects of the spiritual path.

This recording was likely to have been made in May 1973 at Mahanir studio in Jamaica, New York.

The Dance of Life 1973

  • 23 March – Sri Chinmoy began writing the poems for the series.
  • 19/20 June – Sri Chinmoy writes the 50 poems found in part 20, completing the 20 book series.
  • 20 June – Disciples performed dramatisations of several poems from ‘The Dance of Life’ during a poetry reading at the Community Workshop School in Manhattan.
  • 1 August – All 20 volumes of the Dance of Life series are published at Aum Press in Puerto Rico.

Published on CD (2016) Aum Publications

I long to be one

I long to be one
With the Dust of Your Feet.
I long to be one
With the Smile of Your Eyes.
I long to be one
With the Love of Your Heart.
I long to be one
With the Oars of Your Boat.
I long to be one
With the Glow of Your Promise.
I long to be one
With the Flow of Your Life.
I long to be one
With the Victory of Your Banner.


Sri Chinmoy, The Dance of Life, part 1, Agni Press, 1973


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