The Oneness with the Unknown

Last modified July 2, 2006

A ten minute piano improvisation by Sri Chinmoy, entitled “The Oneness with the Unknown”.

Comment on performance

This piano improvisation by Sri Chinmoy starts as powerful as thunder, then the music becomes simpler than the simplest.

Sri Chinmoy’s piano music is deceptively simple. Many years ago Sri Chinmoy asked me to transcribe one of his piano pieces. I remember being astounded at the amount of rhythmic and melodic diversity within those “simple” passages. Sri Chinmoy’s piano playing is a universe in itself! It is like everything else: If we approach it with the mind, we do not see anything. But if we embrace it with the heart, then the richness of the universe is revealed to us.

Sri Chinmoy is not a “mental” musician. He is a musician of the spiritual heart. I have seen Sri Chinmoy spontaneously arrange one of his songs for two, three and four parts, without the slightest difficulty or hesitation. The vision of what he wanted to do with all the different parts flowed effortlessly from him, like water from a fountain.

In the spiritual life, water symbolizes consciousness. Let us hear this music as we would listen to the water of a river or a brook… this is excellent music for meditation. It has stillness and power, subtlety and boundless energy, the microcosm and the macrocosm, all in one.

Our gratitude to Sri Chinmoy for this soulful and illumining offering.

Kamalakanta Nieves
June 2006


Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Name: ‘The Oneness with the Unknown’
Related tags: Piano
Duration: 10:36
Tracks uploaded and published: Kamalakanta Nieves.
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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  1. It is really nice performance!

    The recording was made on March 27th, 2003, in New York.

  2. goood music

  3. very nice

  4. nice

  5. your website have given what i wanted for relaxation. thank you


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