Sri Chinmoy

Selected Recordings of Sri Chinmoy

flute Flute MusicSri Chinmoy performs meditative music on the Flute.


Sri Chinmoy SingingListen to selected songs sung by Sri Chinmoy.

esraj Esraj MusicSri Chinmoy plays the Esraj, a traditional Indian instrument.


Sri Chinmoy

srichinmoy Sri Chinmoy is a contemporary Spiritual Teacher seeking to inspire others through his writings and music. Sri Chinmoy emphasizes both the ancient Eastern arts of yoga / meditation and also leading a dynamic outer life. His yoga could be termed “integral yoga” – seeking to balance the benefits of meditation with offering service to others.

Sri Chinmoy himself is a remarkable example of the outer capacities that can flow from an inner life of prayer and meditation. Sri Chinmoy is a noted musician, having composed over 17,000 songs in both English and his native Bengali. During the past 20 years Sri Chinmoy has offered 777 concerts of meditative music.

Sri Chinmoy says that through his music he is seeking to offer a message of outer harmony and inner peace.

” If you can create harmony
In your own life,
This harmony will enter
Into the vast world.

Sri Chinmoy

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