13.000 Bengali Songs

Last modified August 10, 2012

Various students of Sri Chinmoy sing every 1000th song composed by Sri Chinmoy. This recording includes thirteen songs from song number 1 (Tamasa Rate Nayan Pate) to  song number 13,000 (Shakpura Shakpura).

From the publishing of his first songbook (The Garden of Love-Light) in 1972 to his passing in 2007, Sri Chinmoy composed over 22,000 songs — an average of 640 songs per year for 35 years! Of these 22,000 songs, over 13,500 are in his native Bengali and over 8,300 are in English, ranging in length from one-line mantric songs to a 208-line epic.

When asked about the source of this tremendous creativity, Sri Chinmoy explained:

If we know how to pray and meditate to gain a free access to the world of inspiration, if we have an inner communication with our Pilot Supreme, then quality and quantity can go together. I have composed thousands of songs and poems and painted thousands of paintings. For all my achievements I entirely depend on the Grace of the Supreme. His Grace gives me inspiration and guides me in everything I do — whether I am writing a poem, composing a song, painting a painting, running a marathon or giving a lecture. Everything I do depends on the inner guidance, and this inner guidance is nothing other than Compassion and Grace from Above. (unofficial)


1st song – Tamasa Rate Nayan Pate (before 1964)
1,000th song – Tomari Name
2,000th song – Jiban Debata Daki Animesh (1978)
3,000th song – Ami Chinmoy Chira Tanmoy (1985)
4,000th song – Karo Alokito Karo Chira (1987)
5,000th song – Tumi Karunar (1991)
6,000th song – Gorokshanath (1994)
7,000th song – Kandte Chahi Tomar Lagi (1995)
8,000th song – Pukal Amara Jibana Samare (1995)
9,000th song – Tomare Tushite (1998)
10,000th song – Aghater Par Aghat (2000)
11,000th song – Tumi Amar Sneheer Putul (2003)
12,000th song  – Bangla Gan Bangla Gan (2004)
13,000th song – Shakpura Shakpura (2006)

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