Concert in Honor of America at Philadelphia

Last modified July 17, 2012

“On July 1st, 2012, at the historic Christ Church in Philadelphia, a special concert was offered by the Sri Chinmoy Sacred Fire Singers and Music Ensemble, to celebrate the American spirit and the 236th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.”

The evening’s programme, entitled The Sacred Fire, featured a selection of Sri Chinmoy’s music and writings on America, with songs in English and the composer’s native Bengali.  The concert included a rich variety of sounds, ranging from a capella melodies and rich choral pieces to arrangements with a mix of Western and Eastern instruments, as well as dramatic readings of Sri Chinmoy’s reflections on liberty, freedom and the soul of America.”


Here are the words for two of the songs performed in this concert:

Philadelphia, Philadelphia!
O sweet city of brotherly love, O God-perfection, below, above.
Philadelphia, Philadelphia!
Your world-attention Liberty Bell proclaimed the death of our bondage-hell.
O freedom-lovers’ Utopia!

The Fourth of July, the fourth of July
My heart, my life together fly
No more stark bondage-night, no more!
Arrived at Freedom’s Ecstasy-Shore.

– (words by Sri Chinmoy)

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