“Destined” — Sri Chinmoy’s Melodies

Last modified February 22, 2009

Dear listeners, brothers and sisters, I wish to share with you seven arrangements of Sri Chinmoy‘s music.

Some of them are just little sketches (Bandhan Bandhan, Dukhero Rajani Sheshe), but they are beautiful, the idea is complete and can be expanded later. One of them, “Soul-Chamber- Dipto Madhuri”, is in a very contemporary and free style.

Music, for me, has always been an inward journey. From a young age I did not want to subscribe myself to one particular style of music, but rather to “find” my own music. This search took the form of long improvisation sessions at the piano, searching, searching for something I could call my own. Thus, intuition became the main tool in my search.

Now my search is over. I feel Sri Chinmoy’s music so close to my heart, I claim it as my own. Many times I see and feel clearly that he is expressing, through his music, how I feel as a human being, as a seeker and as an aspirant for God-Realisation. Sri Chinmoy composed, sang and played music from the heart. His music is full of pure spontaneity and inner light.

I have chosen the word “Destined” as the title for this small collection of arrangements. As I do with my music, I also choose titles intuitively, depending on what is important or close to my heart at the time. Recently, I was remembering how Sri Chinmoy used to say that it is important for the aspirant to feel that he is destined to realise God, and how this feeling of being “destined” could and would bring strength to the aspirant in his/her journey towards the Ultimate Goal.

Sri Chinmoy’s music is full of inner magic, inner Peace, Light and Bliss. It is a music that is a direct expression from the Source of music. Sri Chinmoy composed more than 18,000 melodies, and they are devotional in nature, full of love for God and for humanity.

As a poet and as a Spiritual Master, Sri Chinmoy had the capacity to identify himself with the inner longings of each human being. His songs express the myriad states of consciousness that the seeker feels in his/her way to God-Realisation.

I have been blessed with the guidance of Sri Chinmoy in my spiritual quest. With regards to my music, Sri Chinmoy stated that my soul’s music has the qualities of softness, sweetness, soulfulness and tenderness. So, when I do music, I aim for these particular qualities.

The following arrangements are in different styles. I do not plan any particular style when I arrange Sri Chinmoy’s music. Rather, I set up a situation in which intuition can play a major role. If I feel the need to do music, I turn on my equipment, and start testing different sounds, until I find one that I like. The music then starts flowing on its own. Sometimes the melody comes first; sometimes the accompaniment comes first. But by playing Sri Chinmoy’s melodies in an intuitive way, I am able to reach my goal, to express my innermost feelings.

Here is the meaning to some of the songs in this small collection. Thanks for listening! May this music inspire you to go deep within and discover your own Inner Treasure….

With gratitude, Kamalakanta

At the end of the sorrowful night
Truth appears and smilingly says,
“Beloved, fear no more.”
Piercing the veil of smile
Tear appears and says,
“Forget not, I am eternally unconquerable.”

O Lord Vishnu, O Lord Vishnu!
You are Your Eternity’s Patience-Light.
O Compassion Incarnate!
You are Your Infinity’s Forgiveness-Flow.

Bondage, bondage-night.
Therefore a ceaseless cry inside my heart.
Bondage, bondage-night.
I see the chariot of death right ahead of me.
Bondage, bondage-night.
Yet I shall become nectar’s ecstasy-son.

O my Beloved Father Supreme,
Singing the song of my constant self-offering,
All day and night
I shall walk along with You.

O bird of my heart,
Fly on, fly on.
Look not behind.
Whatever the world gives
Is meaningless, useless
And utterly false.

Artist: Kamalakanta Nieves
Release year: 2009
Duration: 35:16
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Kamalakanta Nieves
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

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