Inspiration-Sounds 5

Last modified October 21, 2007

Welcome to Inspiration-Sounds. This is Episode 5, and a special edition. With me in the studio for this episode is my musician friend Kanala, who plays both Indian sitar and Western guitar. With live accompaniment the chosen stories for this episode are distinctly Indian.

India’s great tradition of storytelling down through the ages survives to this day. In these precious writings I am struck by the ancient wisdom, depth of meaning, and strength of character.

Here Sri Chinmoy really brings forth the threads of human understanding and compassion that unites us all.

Budhsamudra Knox (Editor)
Wellington – New Zealand

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“Babar’s Heart of Forgiveness”

“God Is In Everyone”

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Of this story Sri Chinmoy writes, ‘Only two miracles are worth seeing: The miracle of loving and the miracle of forgiving.’ In this true story the Mogul Emperor Babar shows a magnanimous heart of forgiveness towards his cousin, who rose an army against him.

In this story Sri Chinmoy reminds us of one of the simplest Universal truths, seen through the heart and mind of a young boy: that God lives not only in Heaven, but inside us all. Also that human kindness lies just around the corner.


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