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Last modified October 21, 2007

Welcome to Inspiration-Sounds, a section of Radio Sri Chinmoy dedicated to recording the vast library of Sri Chinmoy’s stories and selected writings.

In each publication we will offer you a new episode, wonderfully simple and often on a topic common to us all, to make you laugh or even cry, but to ultimately offer through words and sounds new insights into the fabric of our everyday reality: at times striking moments of unparalleled truth. It is in these moments, when the clouds gently part and sun shines down, that our vision is transformed, for these stories imbued with spiritual energy convey both the Himalayan heights and darkest depths of the human spirit, to enrich our lives, so that we may find new meaning in the epic story of our own life.

Budhsamudra Knox (Editor)
Wellington – New Zealand

One of my sweetest memories from childhood is being tucked up in bed on a cold winter’s Sunday morning, with my father’s transistor radio on the pillow beside me, listening to the children’s stories on the national station. Some I got to know so well I would speak along with them, trying to perfect the characters’ voices and the many different sound effects. From there I began to make up my own stories of the epic adventures I’d had fighting dragons and flying to the moon, always encouraged by my mother who would say with a smile, “You’re so good at making up stories.” and “tell me where your sister really is.”

Budhsamudra Knox
Wellington, New Zealand

For Sri Chinmoy, God is love. His early childhood immersed in the love of his mother, his family and close friends mirrors the sweetest intimacy of the unconditional love binding God and His children. Here Sri Chinmoy recounts a few touching scenes from his early childhood.

Prachar Stegemann
Canberra – Australia

Sri Chinmoy often recounts stories from ancient India. I love to read them again and again. They so often combine the sweetness of simplicity with the magnitude of legends. As Sri Chinmoy’s teachings embrace all routes to a love of God, his stories cite the examples of many spiritual masters. Reading these stories is like playing hide and seek with Truth. In them we can find instruction and illumination on so many levels, if we venture into their colourful, beautiful, heart-rending and humorous depths. My favourites among such stories are those about Lord Sri Krishna. As my first contribution to Inspiration-Sounds, I am offering my reading of this story for its display of devotion and humility. It is a sweet yet powerful reminder that God not only provides for us, but even resides within our every wish or need.

Sumangali Morhall
Cardiff – Wales

Thank you for Inspiration-Sound. It is simply gorgeous. I am stunned by its beauty and I am sumptuously fed by its inspiration. Thank you!

I would like to offer my congratulations and gratitude to everyone involved in bringing Inspiration-Sounds to fruition – and especially to the readers. Like Budhsamudra – a fellow Kiwi – I was also happily addicted to the Sunday morning stories as a child – a childhood habit that continued into my teenage years. My favourite teachers at school were the ones who took the time to read stories to us. I have been working here in my little office with these gems playing quietly in the background and they have brought a warm joy to my morning. I can not wait to hear new additions… Thanks to you all – Shardul (who loves being read to).


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