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Last modified April 23, 2006

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For the nations of the east, for the people of Asia and of India, the love of the beautiful has developed in a different direction to that of the west; they look within and not without. That is why I love stories from this part of the world. These are a people who are born dreamers of a more fulfilling life and whose lineage can be traced back to a time when they say the Gods walked the earth.

The Wish Fulfilling Tree
This story, from an original by Sri Ramakrishna, explores the sticky web of human desire. We learn that once you are caught it can be very hard to escape, and to be always careful what you wish for.

Who Is The Highest?
A sincere and devoted Brahmin one day starts out to discover for himself who is the highest being in this world. Who should he worship? He goes through the many and varied stages of spiritual development until he finds the ultimate, the supreme source from which everything came.

Krishna Meets Radha
Sri Chinmoy recounts his version of how Lord Krishna met his divine companion Radha for the first time on earth. In the middle of a howling storm a young lady comes to help a father and his small child, discovering the true identity not only of herself, but also of the child.

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