In this recording, Sri Chinmoy plays his compositions on the sitar. The sitar is a traditional Indian instrument, which creates a unique and atmospheric sound.

Notes on album

By: Kamalakanta Nieves, April 2006

As a musician, Sri Chinmoy expresses a quality that is very endearing to me: He is like a child. You can feel his spontaneity, sense of adventure and enthusiasm in any of his performances, whether it is the sweet melodies of a flute or the thundering roar of a grand piano.

This sitar CD is no exception. Running through the 80 different melodies played here by Sri Chinmoy is his natural, childlike spontaneity. In his music, there is a certain peacefulness, playfulness and sweetness which is very soothing to the listener. Enjoy!

Our gratitude to Sri Chinmoy for this soulful offering.



Duration: 53:10
Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Composer: Sri Chinmoy
Publisher: AUM Music
Format: Advanced Audio Coding
Page created: Kamalakanta Nieves / Tejvan