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Last modified April 23, 2006

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This week we feature the life of Humayun, the second Mogul Emperor of India. Born in 1508 to King Babar, his life was predominantly that of a warrior. Either defending his territory, reclaiming lost lands, or expanding his empire, Emperor Humayun was respected as a man of his word. He also possessed a magnanimous heart of forgiveness and a deep connection to the Almighty Allah – a connection with the infinite that lasted to the very end of his life and undoubtedly beyond. Inspiration Sounds is pleased to present four stories on his life written by Sri Chinmoy.

Babar’s Sacrifice
This story takes place when Humayun is 16 years old, still a prince. It tells of the greatest sacrifice a father can make for a son. Returning victorious from the famous battle of Panipat, and in possession of the sacred Kohinoor diamond, Humayun suddenly falls ill. The only remedy that might cure him lies on the shores beyond this earthly world.

The Water Carrier`s Bravery
Many times we hear of the great and noble deeds of an ordinary person, the little worker who has no self interests, but a heart of gold. In this scene from Humayun`s life a terrible battle rages. The Emperor finds himself in grave danger, stranded without a horse or weapons, and in urgent need of help.

Akbar`s Birth
“He will be inwardly and outwardly great and good,” pronounces Humayun, on the birth of his son. Receiving the happy news on the battle field he rides in sheer delight amongst the warring armies, shouting out, “Allah be praised! We shall call him Akbar!”

Humayun`s Death
In this story we are witnesses to the dying words of the Emperor. His life has now come full circle, and he recounts the scene and the prayer his father made before his departure from this world. Facing his own final journey, he tells that the only way to gain victory is through prayer, and that he needs no one save Allah for eternal satisfaction.


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