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Last modified May 29, 2006

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This week we are featuring stories on the Indian cosmic goddess, Kali. Kali is one of the four aspects of the Supreme Mother. She is the mother of power, the mother of compassion and the mother of speed. Although Sri Chinmoy’s teachings embrace all religions, he himself was raised in India in the Hindu tradition. His connection to Mother Kali is very profound, deep and loving, as Mother Kali happens to be his family deity.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy these stories from the heart of the world.

The Woodcutter And The Golden Wristband
A very hard working and simple woodcutter prays to Mother Kali for a little money-power. The following day it seems that his prayer is answered by the discovery of a golden wristband outside his front door. However, a greedy jeweller designs a plot around his own self interest for the wristband, and it is up to the King to expose the liar once and for all.

The Grace Of Mother Kali
The great poet of ancient India, Kalidasa, is to the Indian scriptures what Shakespeare is to the English. This story is of how he became such an immortal figure – firstly through unlikely and amusing circumstances, then by the divine grace of Mother Kali.

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