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Welcome to Inspiration Sounds. This week’s episode is a wonderful mixture of stories. I am a firm believer that in life nothing happens by accident; that everything happens for a reason. Take for instance this week when I was wondering what stories to use, I noticed a book of Sri Chinmoy’s lying at the foot of my overburdened bookshelf. It must have fallen there by itself. Inside were some great tales. So sit back and enjoy these ‘meant to be’ stories from the heart of the world.

The Diamond Ring
In this story a princess looses a diamond ring and suspects one of her maids of stealing it. An astrologer is brought in to locate it and under increasing pressure the culprit appears at the feet of the king, begging for forgiveness.

The Family Heirloom
A king falls to his greed and pride at the hands of an old grandfather. The sacred and precious family heirloom that has existed for five generations must surely be a valuable treasure worthy only of a king!

The Merchant’s Daughter
At the death of his wife a kind hearted merchant must look after the affairs of his only daughter, including finding her a suitable future husband. The daughter has already made her selection, and all that remains is for the young man to pass the merchant’s test.