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Last modified July 23, 2006

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Welcome to episode XXI of Inspiration Sounds, and the stories of Sri Chinmoy. This week I have chosen a few gems from ‘The Mushroom And The Umbrella,’ all written with a wonderfully light touch, revealing the lighter side of life. These humorous insights are not only to be laughed at but also mulled over, for deep down they all carry a special meaning. My special guest this week is Mark Royden all the way from Canada. Enjoy!

The Mushroom And The Umbrella
An English lady returns from a two-month stay in Italy and is eager to tell her friends all about it, including the amusing story of her early morning breakfast in a small restaurant.

The Two Patients
A story about the trials of cause and effect. A well-qualified doctor struggles to treat a sick patient until he finally discovers the cure was simpler than he thought. However, the cure for one ends up being the illness of another.

The Villager’s Dream
After a profound dream, and on the advice of a friend, a village man decides to see an astrologer to find out what it all means. The answer was not what he expected.


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