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Last modified October 22, 2006

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Welcome once again to Inspiration Sounds and to more stories from the heart of the world. This week whilst I was going through some old story books of Sri Chinmoy’s in preparation for a weekend away, I came across these two stories for today. Both are quite funny and have a charm about them that endears them to the reader, or in your case, the listener. I hope you enjoy them.

The Court Jester Says Something New

A visiting King asks his host’s court jester to say something which has never been said before. In return he offers a large sum of money, but what exactly will the jester say…?

The Turtle That Bragged
One day two fish met in a stream and started to argue about who was more beautiful. Unable to resolve their differences they seek the help of the local turtle.

Artists: Budhsamudra Knox
Release year: 2006
Duration: 11:52
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Budhsamudra Knox
Format: Advanced Audio Coding


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