A selection of live recordings performed by students of Sri Chinmoy on Father’s Day weekend. Recordings include performances by Vedic Fire, Supreme Oneness-Band, Pavaka and Friends, and Sangit Surabhi.

“Dear listeners, in this selection of recent recordings, Sri Chimnoy Students perform soulful arrangements of his songs, as part of our Father’s Day celebrations in New York.

With sweetness and love, Sri Chinmoy students from all walks of life gather to celebrate Father’s Day. To us, Sri Chinmoy is our spiritual father because, with the light of his meditation, he awoke or gave birth to our own individual aspiration. This awakening in the heart, this kindling of the sacred inner flame, is what we call initiation. It is, indeed, the beginning of a journey to the Highest, an ever-new beginning inside each aspirant.”

– Kamalakanta

The fragrance
Of my Master’s love
Strengthens my life
At every moment.

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 25, Agni Press, 2002

Artist: Sri Chinmoy Students
Title: New York Performances, June 17-21, 2017
Composer: Sri Chinmoy
Release Year: 2017
Duration: 2:10:30
Tracks uploaded and published: Kamalakanta Nieves and Tejvan Pettinger
Format: Advanced Audio Coding