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During the summer of 1977, Sri Chinmoy gave 100 talks which formed the book “Everest-Aspiration.” Here we offer nine of the original talks, given at various locations around New York. Everest-Aspiration is one of the foremost books of Sri Chinmoy and gives a strong impression of his spiritual philosophy.

These original talks also capture the feeling and consciousness of those special moments.

The talks were often taped using a simple cassette recorder, and so the sound quality often reflects this; it also reminds us how these sublime spiritual truths were given in the hustle and bustle of a modern city.

Track 1 is a flute performance from an open-air concert Sri Chinmoy, and his disciples gave on 23 July 1977 in Hidden Valley Park near Woodstock, New York. He plays his own songs and extemporaneous melodies and ends with Phire chalo apana ghare, a well-known Bengali devotional song. You can hear children playing in the background.


Sri Chinmoy meditates at Hidden Valley Park, near Woodstock, 23 July 1977.

Preface to the first edition

During the first twenty days of July 1977, Sri Chinmoy delivered one hundred short talks. These talks were given at his public esraj performances, at picnics, even at a local high school playground after morning sports practice. In very few ways, though, can these pieces really be called talks. They contain a rhythmic, almost musical quality more like blank verse than prose. More important, they express a flow of ideas so subtle and melodic that they cry out to be felt and assimilated on an intuitive plane. Before speaking, Sri Chinmoy would enter into a high meditative state and then speak extemporaneously. These talks, then, are expressions of a state of consciousness far beyond the mind’s reach: short, illumining bursts of light from the Master’s boundless Realisation-Sun. This particular volume is the first of a four-part series.

Published as CD 2015, Aum Publications, New York.

Before publication, the author edited his talks and made revisions for final publication.


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