A Peace Concert in Tokyo

Last modified November 3, 2014

This is a recording from Sri Chinmoy’s 15th Peace Concert in Suganami Hall, Tokyo, Japan – one of Sri Chinmoy’s earliest public peace concerts. During the concert, Sri Chinmoy played on instruments, such as the western flute, esraj, sitar, and harmonium.

The Tokyo Concert was held on 19th September 1984. It was held in Suganami Hall and attracted 850 people – 700 of whom had applied for tickets before the event. Sri Chinmoy later commented that he was very moved by seeing how sincere these people were. After the concert, 100 seekers went to meditate with him on the stage.

As on his previous trip to Japan, Sri Chinmoy this time also went to see Kiyoshi Nakamura, coach of the famous marathon runner Toshihiko Seko. Unfortunately this time, Mr Nakamura was ill, so he had to go and see visit him at the hospital. Nevertheless, Nakamura was extremely happy to meet him again. He just couldn’t stop bowing down and later told all his athletes to go and welcome Sri Chinmoy. So, Seko and a few others went to Sri Chinmoy’s hotel and waited outside for over an hour to say hello.


A meeting with Kiyoshi Nakamura and Toshihiko Seko in December 1982.

Sri Chinmoy also went to see the famous Kamakura Buddha again and composed three new songs for the Buddha. The local Rishi (the priest who was in charge) invited him for dinner. Sri Chinmoy usually does not eat Japanese food at all, but that particular meal was so delicious and plentiful that he was simply overwhelmed.

During his trip to Australia and Japan, Sri Chinmoy also completed 1,000 poems for his “Aspiration-Plants” series.

Artist: Sri Chinmoy
Name: Peace Concert in Tokyo
Release year: 1984 (MC)
Duration: 1:22:25
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy
Page Created: Ashish / Tejvan
Format: Advanced Audio Coding

(note: On 4 June 1985 Sri Chinmoy conducted a special memorial programme in New York dedicated to Mr Kiyoshi Nakamura. Sri Chinmoy had met Mr’ Nakamura twice, the first time while visiting Japan in 1982 and the second time in 1984 when giving the Peace Concert in Tokyo.)

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